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…the Tricksters band at your Vermont wedding


You’ve been envisioning your wedding reception for a long time. You know it’s not just about having talented musicians, but also about a great repertoire. That’s why The Tricksters work with their clients from the beginning to form the ideal compilation of tunes for each event! Most performances allow for between 30-45 songs. This gives the band an opportunity to hone in on the music you want to hear most of all on your big day! Clients have an opportunity to request “must- play” while also specifying “no-play” songs for any given performance. Inquire at about putting together a night of perfect music to complement your wedding day!


“[Lisa’s] voice has this crystal clear tone…like cold water.”-Jane Lindholm, Vermont Public Radio

“The Tricksters are one of the best bands we’ve heard! They have a great mix of male and female songs. The whole band is fantastic, and we can’t wait to see them again. Their excitement and high-energy show are great! I encourage everyone to book this band!” Jeff and Phoebe, Burlington, Vermont

“I had the privilege of enjoying your versatility, great sound and tight harmonies last night in Newport, New Hampshire!  I am now a huge fan of The Tricksters. Keep at it!”-S Curley

“Lisa’s music soars! What a marvelous voice! Without a doubt, Lisa has all the gifts of a country superstar, comparable to any female artist of notoriety.”—Douglas Newsome, BBS Radio

“We were blown away. This band can sing!” Sarah, Lebanon, New Hampshire

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